Roasted Chana Burfi

Roasted Chana Dal Barfi is one of the specialties of Chocovic. It is one of our products that will make you fall in love with it. Chana Dal Barfi is a traditional sweet. It is loved by many Indians. Not only Indians but whosoever tastes it, will surely crave another bite. This chana dal barfi is also the best option for Diwali Gifts, Wedding Return Gifts, and other festive occasions.

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  • Weight: 200,500 and 800 gms
  • Packaging: Tin Box, Eco Friendly, Bakery Box
  • Best Before 90 Days

   This is a Vegetarian product.

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Premium Roasted Chana Dal Barfi Ludhiana – Chocovic

Roasted Chana Dal Barfi is one of the specialities of Chocovic. It is one of our products that will make you fall in love with it. Chana Dal Barfi is a traditional sweet. It is loved by many Indians. Not only Indians but whosoever tastes it, will surely crave another bite. It is a sweet dish you may want to finish your meal with. It carries a bunch of sweet memories of your leisurely spent childhood with your mother and grandmothers. It induces a feeling of nostalgia with its authentic flavour. 

Dal with dry fruits added with sugar and our own desi ghee gives this dish a memorable texture and taste which enriches our soul from within. It is like a comfort food which reminds us of those careless days when we were young. Chana Dal Barfi is one such sweet dish with which you can hardly ever go wrong as it satisfies almost all taste buds. It is an absolutely tempting sweet that not a single grain of it will be left. Be cautious! It can be addictive and you may just want one more bite and relive your past days. 


Things that make our Chana Dal Barfi special

  • Chocovic understands this craving.. If you are also a person who relives past memories through food then you are at the right place. If you are a person who wants to share the nostalgic experience after biting into some traditional dish then you are at the right place. And if you are looking for premium roasted Chana dal barfi in Ludhiana then yet you are at the right place. 
  • Chocovic is famous for mouthwatering and delicious Roasted Chana Dal barfi. At Chocovic, only the best ingredients are used. No one can be as perfect as our experienced grandmother, but we give a very close and similar dish as we follow age-old recipes passed down by them. 
  • Roasted Chana Dal mixed with assorted dry fruits gives this dish a very satisfying texture. The roasted chana dal gives a smoky flavour and somewhat a mild smooth texture at the initial bite. The dry foods and chunks of soft dal add crunchiness to the texture of this dish. The dry fruits also complement the sweet chana dal with their natural saltiness. 
  • Made with love and premium quality constituents, this dish is here to steal your heart. It is loaded with the goodness of dry fruits and chana dal and lots of memories. Chovovic makes sure that you get the best of all in every form from start to end. Get this Chana Dal Barfi in Ludhiana at the best price.  
  • That is why the packaging of such a sweet dish also needed some effort. This Roasted Chana dal barfi will reach you in a tin box. This tin box will be eco-friendly and also adds to the nostalgic feeling. It comes with cute and colourful graphics. All of this together makes beautiful packaging which you can use in-house or which is even great for gifting to others, especially at festivals or weddings. 


Ingredients used in Chana Dal Barfi

Chana Dal Barfi is a traditional sweet dish which is very apt for daily consumption and also a great gifting option. Since Chocovic makes sure that whatever you receive the quality of the product should be absolutely perfect. We never compromise the quality of the product.

  • Split Chickpeas 
  • Water
  • Ghee 
  • Milk 
  • Cardamom 
  •  Sugar  
  •  Cashew 
  •  Almond 
  •  Pistachios 


Mouth-watering Chana Dal Barfi in beautiful packaging

Another thing that we don’t ignore is the packaging of the product. It is equally important that the best thing is presented in the best manner. Therefore, we are also known for our creative packaging hand hampers. Imagine gifting Chana Dal Barfi in an authentic tin box with colourful graphics. Before ever opening the box you will see that sweet smile on the face of your loved one as they would be instantly reminded of their memories buried somewhere. Chana Dal barfi is a sweet dish which can be gifted on occasions like weddings, Diwali, Eid, and Holi, or can be even given as return gift. Who won’t love a little sweet as a gift? In this materialistic world, something sweet can be a way to build a genuine bond.

Traditional Sweets for always

Traditional sweets have always been a part of cultural occasions and daily life. Festivals or weddings, authentic age-old sweets made by grandmothers and mothers were a part of everyday life and auspicious days. Through time, these sweets saw certain fusions which are amazing but still the traditional ones remained.  It has its own significance and place in the culture and hearts of many Indians. It will always be the comfort sweet dish for many. 

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800gms, 500gms, 200gms

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1 review for Roasted Chana Burfi

  1. Rahul

    Perfect for tummy filling sweet

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Product Story
It all started back in the year 2011, when I casually took "chana burfi" prepared by my mother in my regular tiffin. By luck, I got the chance to share my tiffin with one of our clients. The client loved it and said, "Kyun na hum ise apne wedding box mein daal de"? And we just did that. WOOHOO!! This is how casually this amazing treat entered the wedding market and in no time became the sweet sensation. Chana Burfi must have graced zillions of boxes so far but what excites us the most is that it is an all time favourite sweet of all age groups. Leveraging it's popularity, endless replicas entered into the market but we are still mastering the taste and quality of this super delicious product. It is because we prepare it with not only the purest of ingredients but also lots of love and respect since this is what we have grow up eating. It does not contain any artificial colours or preservation and still will last upto 3 months. In the end, we at Chocovic would like to say, this box is simply an epitome of purity and our affection for you all.