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Toffees, Chocolates for Birthday Picked up with Taste and Experience

Birthdays are special for each and every person. It is a day that people will celebrate with their loved ones. Birthday celebrations are an expression of thankfulness towards the almighty and people around them who stay in good and bad times. It is also a day to wish for prosperity in one’s life.For this special day, it deserves some sweetness. Without the best toffee, candies, and chocolates for a birthday, it can’t be complete. Not only for kids and children but even for adults, chocolates are always one of the best options. For birthday gifts, order the best toffees online.

Chocovic - A Toffee Brand Known for Unique Taste

Caramel Candy - 12 Pieces Sleeve Pack - Chocovic

Chocovic provides a simple online gift ordering process, almost removing the inconvenience of visiting the market to buy presents for your loved ones. Our promise is to walk beside you while you search for joy for your loved ones. Here, at chocovic we offer a wide range of the best chocolates and toffees in India for you dear ones. You can choose from the options of various products offered by us. It will successfully satisfy the sweet cravings and will leave you with a desire of wanting more as it will give a rich impression to your taste palette. Candies, toffees, eclairs or Belgium Chocolates get all the varieties at one stop. It is made in our kitchen with some of the best ingredients and with the finest recipes to bring out the best products for the customers. Every chocolate, candies or toffee crafted from the finest ingredients leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the receiver, making them feel special and valued. Chocovic is for every occasion. For birthday gifts, Chocovic gives you the best variety of chocolates and toffees in India. Get chocolates as birthday gifts for your loved ones from Chocovic.

Here are some handpicked chocolates and toffees from our store which will be an absolute perfect birthday gift.

  1. Flat Toffee
    Enjoy this amazing toffee flavour with a twist. This Flat Toffee from Chocovic will take you back to your childhood. Smoothness of Belgium Chocolate with crunchy and goodness of almonds together makes this fabulous mouth watering Flat Toffee. It is one of the perfect toffee you would find online as it is not just your normal toffee but it comes with a twist of Almonds. Bite into this stunning, not so ordinary toffee and you gonna want some more of it. Flat Toffees come into an eco friendly and beautiful glass jar. It is one of the perfect gifts for birthdays if you are looking for one.
  2. Caramel Toffee
    Experience a warm and sticky flavour of caramel with Chocovic’s Caramel Toffee. With its soft and chewy texture, it will melt in your mouth with every bite and give you that heavenly feeling that you don’t want to escape. This Caramel Toffee has the perfect sweetness that you would want and so yummy that one more bite is guaranteed. Take a bite into this Caramel Toffee and let it slowly melt. Its buttery and creamy texture will fill your mouth. Caramel Toffee is here for making birthdays extra sweeter. Caramel Toffees from Chocovic are all set to be delivered at your doorstep and let you savour it.
  3. Chocolate Coins
    Chocolate Coins are not only to buy things but also to buy hearts. Not all coins are made up to store in piggy banks or jars. Chocovic has presented a jar of Chocolate Coins. Chocovic presents lip smacking Chocolate Coins in an eco friendly and pretty cylindrical jar. These Chocolate Coins are made up of thin crisps coated in premium quality chocolate. These interesting Chocolate Coins are not like any other wafers or chocolates you get. Bite into these toothsome coins and taste something new yet with your familiar taste. A perfect combination of crispiness and taste of sweet chocolate. Thin crisp coated with chocolate and presented in a jar can be a beautiful gift for birthdays.
  4. Fruit n Nut
    Fruit n Nut is your ideal chocolate bar that you would want. If you are a chocolate lover then Fruit n Nut is your call. With the right amount of sweetness, freshness of fruits and crunchiness of nuts, this chocolate bar is going to be one of the favourites. In this chocolate bar, you will get an enhanced taste of cocoa. Imagine tasting such deluxe flavour with premium quality fruits and nuts. Get your Fruit n Nut from Chocovic and enjoy the delicious heavenly cocoa with bites of crunchy nuts and natural sweetness of fruits. A perfect chocolate bar for all chocolate lovers.

  5. White Chocolate
    Chocolates are not limited to the brown ones only. There is dark chocolate and white chocolate as well. Chocovic is well packed with all types of chocolates so you have the variety to choose from. That is why we offer these smooth and creamy White Chocolates in the shape of coins that are easy to bite into and will come to you in a glass jar. This glossy White Chocolates is made by thickening the cocoa butter. This creamy and heavenly pure white Belgian Chocolate will fill your heart and mouth with its luxurious taste and even texture. Satisfy your love and cravings with Chocovic White Chocolate.

  6. Orange Crunch
    A match made in heaven is not just limited to people but also food. There are some matches and combinations which are not just any normal one but very interesting. The combination of chocolate and orange is such a match that comes together to make something beautiful and divine flavour. The sweet and rich chocolate with tangy and citrus orange makes an iconic pair of two contrasting flavours. Orange Crunch presented by Chocovic is an exotic option to gift. This tropical chocolate will be a very fine option as the best chocolates on birthday. No doubt you can go for this from the Exotic Chocolates section from Chocovic.

Make it Special

Get birthday gifts for your special person. Make the faces of your loved one’s gleam with joy and affection with the wide range of toffees and chocolates offered by us. We bring the convenience of shopping the most appealing birthday gifts from the crowded markets to the tips of your fingers. Pick from the wide variety of offerings. Order from a type of toffee list from Chocovic. Order and receive the best toffee and chocolates for birthday gifts. We handcraft every single order to satisfy the tiniest of your needs. Lip smacking sweets and chocolates with delectable taste are available at our store online. At Chocovic, we are committed towards providing a trustworthy and transparent service in the most convenient way possible from the start to the ending. Our customer is our priority. We value your responses and feedback at every step of the way and improve upon it, day after day through reflecting superior customer value.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a very easy way to buy toffees online in bulk. This is now much easier as there are many options available online where you will get different packets of toffees and also Indian toffees you can choose from in different sizes. The sizes will vary from the amount of toffees you want for distribution. Simply go to the website and choose the product you want. Add it into the cart and proceed to the payment section. After the payment, you will get your order as mentioned in the website. When it comes to children’s birthdays, giving out chocolates, candies or toffees are very much common practice. In school among classmates or at home among friends and cousins, distributing toffees is special for kids.

For birthdays, if you are looking for a variety of toffees and candies, then you will have a bunch of it. There are especially many Indian candies brands that are available and loved by many. Mango bite, Kismi, Poppins, Melody are some of them which are easily available in market as well as online that can be bought in bulk for birthdays. Chocolate Eclairs are also very much in demand and loved during birthdays. It is mostly supposed to be something which is in bite size and can be consumed more than once. Something that you would want to try again as it will be pleasurable to eat and enjoy but won’t affect your appetite. Such Toffees, candies, and chocolates are perfect for birthdays when ordered in bulk.

Milk Chocolates are a common option. Some exotic chocolates are much better. When it comes to gifting chocolates to a friend then there are few general basic things which can be taken into consideration that might be necessary in some cases. Mostly everyone likes chocolate but when it comes to birthdays then something more specific would be a wiser choice. There are an abundance of varieties of chocolates easily available in the market online. It is important that you know what kind is your friend’s favourite. Some like milk chocolates while others are more inclined towards the bitterness of cocoa and therefore prefer dark chocolates. White Chocolates also is an option for many. Some are really fond of the freshness of fruits with chocolates while some are acquainted with the crunch of the nuts in it.

Chocolates are never a bad option. For most of the occasions whether it’s birthdays or festivals or corporate gifts or even as a return gift, Chocolates have always been there to save your day. As an option for the gift and also friendly to the pocket depending upon your capacity. You can easily find and customise a range of chocolates without making a hole in your pockets. Eventually it doesn’t matter how expensive or exotic chocolates you are gifting to your loved ones. Chocolates have always been an expression of showing love and defining the sweet bond you share with them. In the options of gifts, chocolates is the one that is the most comforting gift to give and receive. It has a certain warmth to it. Chocolates have been available as gifts for a very long time and it will continue to do so. It has been a symbol of love which travelled from Spain to Europe and then all over the world.

Milk Chocolates are the most popular among the chocolates to be presented. It is the one variety that is enjoyed by most of the chocolate lovers, especially kids. With a Milk Chocolate bar, one can hardly ever go wrong. No one says no to a piece of milk chocolate. But to go a bit towards the different variety then the Caramel Chocolates are another choice. Caramels are like a sister of milk chocolates. It gives such heavenly pleasure especially to those who have a sweet tooth. When the chewy caramel warms up in the mouth and slowly melts down while filling your mouth with a sweet flavour, then you will not stop. So if your friend is a fanatic of sweets then go for it. Another popular chocolate as gifts could be some exotic ones which contain almonds, nuts or different citrus fruits that goes well with chocolates.

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