Healthy Namkeen


Tea time munching is a very popular concept in the Indian households. It’s the perfect time to curb the hunger pangs that come up between the lunch time and dinner. So we obviously tend to gravitate towards chips, namkeen, biscuits, basically anything which is easy to get hold of. We at Chocovic, took this challenge of replacing the unhealthy potato chips as an opportunity and came up with an entire savory range which includes variety of veggies, has the perfect seasoning and is simply irresistible. These items are so delicious that people even prefer to put them in their wedding invitations along with sweets.

In this range we have products like Arbi, Beetroot Broccoli square, Curry Patta Sticks, Dhania Square, Halka Phulka Makhana, Karela Square, Spinach Sticks, Onion Sticks and a lot more. We do not use any artificial colors or flavoring agents to make them. Hence they are loaded with the goodness of fresh vegetables. These are very yummy and perfect companion to your tea or coffee. You may also buy our healthy snack online by visiting our webpage.

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