Buy Best Lohri Gift Hampers with Special Sweets & Snacks


Buy Best Lohri Gift Hampers with Special Sweets & Snacks

Lohri is one of the most popular festivals in North India. The festival is just around the corner, and the spirits are high. Lohri is the festival when all family and friends get together decked up the vibrant Indian attires, sing Lohri songs, dance around the bonfire and welcome warmer and larger days ahead. 

The festival, Lohri, is celebrated at the end of winter and the arrival of harvest season in Punjab as it marks the harvest of rabi crops. On this day, people also worship the Sun and fire god, acknowledging their role in getting them a good harvest and expressing their gratitude.

People exchange greetings and Lohri gift hampers and pray to the fire god for abundance and prosperity in their lives. Every year, this festival is celebrated on 13 January with all the loved ones around. People greet everyone heartily and present each other with thoughtful Lohri gifts. 

Do you need some gifting ideas this Lohri? If yes, then you are on the absolutely right page. We have brought you the best gifting ideas that your family and friends would love. Uplift your Lohri celebrations with unique Lohri gift ideas


Best Lohri Gift: Sweets and Surprises

Gur Til Makhana

Complete the Lohri vibe with the delicious Gud, Til and Makhana by Chocovic, the best Lohri gift for family. These delicacies are the perfect, binge-worthy and flavoursome combo of taste and health. Give your loved ones a full Punjabi treat with the amazing gift hamper from Chocovic. You can check out our Lohri hampers range, packed in vibrant colours with amazing treats now. 


Marwadi Gajak

Celebrate the amazing festival of Lohri with the top-selling Chovic gift hamper featuring Marwadi Gajak. It is a traditional sweet made of jaggery, peanuts and is perfect for winter festivals. Its royal taste and sweetness makes it a perfect gift for Lohri. 


Bubbly Gachak

Bubbly gachak from Chocovic is an ideal choice for Lohri celebrations, offering a delightful blend of sweetness and crunch. This traditional Indian treat made with sesame seeds, peanuts, and jaggery enhances the festive spirit. Its bubbly texture adds a playful twist, enhancing the joyous atmosphere of the harvest festival. Gifting bubbly gachak for Lohri return gift is a charming way to share the warmth and sweetness of the occasion with friends and family.


Besan Milk Mix

Besan, combined with assorted nuts, when turned into a glass of milk, is the most nutritious milk one can ever take. If you are health conscious and want to gift your loved ones something healthy this Lohri, then we recommend you add this particular gift to your Lohri hamper box. 

When you combine the drink with some sugar and spices, it becomes perfect for the celebration. It is indeed a very thoughtful present that symbolizes the spirit of the Lohri festival in every sip. Believe us , it would make the best Lohri gift. 


Kesar Pista Mix

Kesar Pista mix is a perfect gift for your loved ones who are not very fond of drinking milk. You can add this item to your lohri hamper, as it can make a boring glass of milk extremely delicious. It is a mixture of kesar and pistachios that people at festivals like Lohri often enjoy. It is not only delicious, but the mix also symbolizes prosperity as well as joy. So, if you want to add some traditional touch to your Gift hampers for lohri, order this wonderful kesar pista mix from Chocovic now. 


Gur Til Kaju Combo Box

The best gift on Lohri for your loved ones would be the customized gift hamper that contains a combo of gud, til and kaju. Your guests and loved ones would love to relish this sweet and salty combo on the festive occasion and would appreciate taking the same to their homes. The sweetness of good, the crunchiness of sesame seeds and the creamy texture of kaju are a dreamy treat. You can also check out the Lohri gift hampers at Chocovic as well. 


Dryfruit Bhugga

Gift your loved ones the versatile gift this Lohri. Dryfruit Bhuggas make a very thoughtful and nutritious gift. It provides essential energy and nutrition and, hence, is the best gift you can give to your loved ones this winter season. Pack them in attractive colourful boxes, making them suitable for an occasion like Lohri. Gifting dry fruits is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Mark our words, it will be the perfect Lohri Gift for family. It is tried and tested.


Til gachak rolls

Til gachak rolls are one of the traditional sweets that are loved by one and all. Make this Lohri delightful for your near and dear ones, and gift them a pack of yummy gachak rolls as a gift in your Lohri gift hampers. In fact, it has indeed become one of the most popular gifts, especially for Lohri. The sweet combines the richness of sesame seeds and jaggery. The sweet and nutty flavour complements the festive spirit of Lohri and hence makes them a perfect heartfelt gift for Lohri. 


Khas khas pie

The sweetness of khus khus pie loaded with nuts will be the best Lohri gift for your loved ones this year. Order this sweet box today from Chocovic and make your Lohri special. It is the finest combination of taste and health, thus making it the perfect gift for your family, relatives and friends. Bring a smile on the face of your loved ones this Lohri by gifting them this tasty treat as Lohri return gift today!!


Dryfruit gur

Chocovic sells organic gur loaded with nutritious nuts. You can add this delicious treat to your Lohri gift hampers for your relatives and friends. The gur is a mix of nuts like almonds, walnuts and raisins combined with jaggery. It is a perfect treat you can offer to your loved ones this winter. It is believed that gur helps to cleanse the body and bring renewed energy for the New Year. Besides ja, gingery has numerous health benefits, too, like it is a good alternative to sugar, and when consumed with ghee, it aids in better digestion and relieves constipation. 


Peanut Rewadi

One cannot just imagine celebrating Lohri without a peanut rewari, as it is the traditional recipe of Punjab. You can find this sweet anywhere, and it keeps you healthy in winter. It is fondly enjoyed with the family members on the night of Lohri when everyone gathers around the bonfire. So order this delicious gift now or include it in your Lohri gift hamper to serve it to your loved ones this year. 


Corn Cake

Corn Cake is a traditional Punjabi sweet that is made using maize flour, i.e., ka atta, jaggery and ghee. It is a round-shaped sweet that is especially prepared in winter for festivals like Lohri and probably the best lohri gift. It is not only delicious but also gives much-needed warmth and energy during the cold and chilly winters. The rich flavours of maize flour, jaggery and ghee make it a wholesome sweet and perfect for occasions like Lohri. 

Lohri is a joyous occasion filled with warmth, tradition, and shared moments of happiness. The above list of Lohri gift ideas enhances the festive spirit and brings smiles to the faces of your loved ones. As you exchange gifts and perform the Lohri rituals, may the spirit of the bonfire illuminate your hearts with joy. Chocovic wishes you a very Happy Lohri!

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