Traditional Sweets


India is a country where many different festivals are celebrated throughout the year in some or other parts of the country. Even if there isn’t any festival around, we Indians tend to finish our meals with something sweet, isn’t it! But overtime we have also evolved as conscious people who wish to eat healthy even if it’s their everyday dessert. It’s for this reason that we at Chocovic have come up with an entire range of traditional sweets which are perfect not only for gifting during any special days but also to make our everyday meals complete.

We have products like Atta Panjiri, Atta Pinni, the famous Chana Burfi, Chocovic Chikki, Mishtisukh, Khus Khus Panjeeri, Nut Lounge, Roasted Lentils etc. These sweets are not only delicious but they are also loaded with the goodness of nuts and loads of “ghar ka pyaar” since we prepare them using traditional grandma recipes. Their cute and colourful packaging serves as the icing on the cake and is just the perfect gifting option. You can now buy traditional sweets online on our webpage any time of the year.

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